Over the past few weeks there has been an infusion of media ad’s all endorsing different agendas. But a recently formed 527 group of NC politicos, RightChange.com  is making waves in their last minute push to put McCain over the top. Their ads are misleading and really in my opinion their name should read “No Change” because that is precisely what they are advocating, insert McCain. But if you’re looking for honesty in their ads, don’t because their isn’t any. From their website

RightChange is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to helping Americans see through the haze of politicians’ spin to understand the facts about crucial policy choices. Our goal is to make sure that the coming wave of political change in America is the right kind of change—common sense change that conforms to the facts.

Facts, haze, blah blah blah, nonprofit, nonpartisan and non factual. According to factcheck.org, Right Change’s ad campaign is false but make no mistake they have spend a lot of cash (More on this in a second) to make viewers and potential voters see thing’s their way with good reason. The group’s founders are the fat cats who might have to pay a little more. An overview from factcheck.org:

Summary: A conservative group called RightChange.com has spent $3 million running ads that largely criticize Obama and his tax plans. They’re false:
Analysis: RightChange.com, a 527 group out of North Carolina, is largely bankrolled by its president, Fred Eshelman, the CEO of a pharmaceutical research firm, who has contributed $2.7 million of the $3.8 million the group has raised this year.

According to OpenSecrets.org, Eshelman has also contributed $2,300 to Sen. John McCain’s campaign. Two of the other three members of its board of directors are GOP state legislators in North Carolina. RightChange.com has spent just over $3 million so far.

The two North Carolina GOP state legislators on RC’s board of directors are State Senator Fletcher Hartsell and State Representative Jeff Barnhart, both from Cabarrus County. They formed the group in September 08 and it has a piggy-back 527 “Real Debate.org,Inc.” listed as previous legal for RC.

Consider the following from Greg Flynn in a posting on Blue NC.

Hartsell, a 9 term Senator, and Barnhart, a 4 term Representative, have been knee deep in financial incentives and appropriations for the redevelopment of the former Pillowtex site at Kannapolis known as the North Carolina Research Campus. Last year, with others, they formed another non-profit called “Alliance for Tomorrow” to support development at the site. The group has achieved notoriety for advocating for the use of Tax Increment Financing for the project and because its own source of funding is unknown.

So there you have it a 527 group of rich man protecting their interest wanting to get richer. That’s the American way and I don’t blame them one bit. However, I think it is sad and shameful to add false information into the “real debate” affecting voters around the country for self interest but hey that’s politics.

Where there is an income tax, the just man will pay more and the unjust less on the same amount of income.” ~ Plato