In the spirit of Halloween I just had to recommend a new weekly series on the Travel Channel called Ghost Adventures. The show is about the travels of three guys on a mission to prove the supernatural exists. Trust me, they have convinced me. The name of the series comes from a raw documentary they did a couple of years ago by the same name. Below is a trailer.

Last week’s show will be repeated tonight at 8:00 est. It is featuring Bobby Mackey’s Music World aka Hell’s Gate. Bobby Mackey’s bar used to be the site of a old slaughterhouse. Hell’s Gate is supposed to be haunted by many lost souls some due to the satanic rituals held at the slaughterhouse. Two of the ghost haunting Mackey’s are young women, Johanna and Pearl Bryant.

As legend has it Pearl Bryant was murdered by her boyfriend Scott Jackson and his friend and accomplice Allonzo Walling. Jackson was also into satan worshiping and long story short Pearl was beheaded by Jackson and her head was thrown into the well in the old abandoned slaughterhouse where Bobby Mackey’s now sits. (Read The murder of Pearl Bryant  for the full story.)

Pearl’s head was never found and legend has it that it was used during a satanic ritual at the slaughterhouse. It was then dumped into the well of blood and was lost. Jackson and Walling were brought to trial in 1897 and were quickly found guilty and sentenced to death. William Wood was later arrested and charged as an accomplice. Charges against him were dropped when he agreed to testify against the other two men. According to reports, Jackson and Walling were both offered life sentences instead of execution if they would reveal the location of Pearl’s head. Both men refused. They went to the gallows behind the courthouse in Newport on March 21, 1897. It was the last public hanging in Campbell County.

After the trial ended, the slaughterhouse fell silent and remained empty for many years. It was eventually torn down and a roadhouse was constructed on the site. During the 1920’s, the place became known as a speakeasy and as a popular gambling joint. Local lore has it that during this period, a number of murders took place in the building. None of them were ever solved because the bodies were normally dumped elsewhere to keep attention away from the illegal gambling and liquor operation.

The other young women believed to haunt Mackey’s name was Johanna.

She fell in love with one of the singers who was performing here and became pregnant. Her father was furious. Thanks to his criminal connections, he had the singer killed. Johanna became so distraught that she attempted to poison her father and then succeeded in taking her own life. Her body was later discovered in the now infamous basement… and according to the autopsy report, she was five months pregnant at the time.

Johanna left her suicide note in the spotlight room located over the performer’s stage in the old roadhouse occupied now by Bobby Mackey’s . There is much more to the story and I don’t want to ruin it for you so watch it and see if you too believe. Happy Halloween!!!