Well it was only a matter of time for the ACRON debacle to crack open in NC (no pun intended). I am curious to see if these cases will actually go forward for prosecution. But ACORN’s assertions that NC state law (as well as other state’s laws) required them to turn in the form regardless of the data on the form is 100% correct. I spoke with a person at the Board of Elections. “If the form has any information on it they are required to turn it in, no matter what” is what was conveyed to me by the BOE. Given this fact, the fraud was not perpetuated by ACORN are they not a victim of the suspect canvasser(s) as well? My opinion is yes.

“State law requires us to turn in good voter registration forms and bad registration forms, if a person writes anything on the form at all, we’re required to turn them in,” said Rev. Melvin Whitley, ACORN Representative.

In North Carolina ACORN turned in 28,000 applications there are 4 investigations ongoing in the case. Nationwide they have collected 1.3 million cards with 95% of them error free, Um folks that is peanuts if you look at the bigger picture.

Here’s the real problem in a nutshell as outlined in this excerpt from a article titled Block Your Vote in the current edition of Rolling Stone. They are making the piece available free of charge online.

Allegations of voter fraud are only the latest rationale the GOP has used to disenfranchise voters — especially blacks, Hispanics and others who traditionally support Democrats. “The Republicans have a long history of erecting barriers to discourage Americans from voting,” says Donna Brazile, chair of the Voting Rights Institute for the Democratic National Committee. “Now they’re trying to spook Americans with the ghost of voter fraud. It’s very effective — but it’s ironic that the only way they maintain power is by using fear to deprive Americans of their constitutional right to vote.”

Case in point  1) the GOP’s admitted scheme “Lose your home, lose your vote”

The Macomb GOP’s plans are another indication of how John McCain’s campaign stands to benefit from the burgeoning number of foreclosures in the state. McCain’s regional headquarters are housed in the office building of foreclosure specialists Trott & Trott. The firm’s founder, David A. Trott, has raised between $100,000 and $250,000 for the Republican nominee.

The Macomb County party’s plans to challenge voters who have defaulted on their house payments is likely to disproportionately affect African-Americans who are overwhelmingly Democratic voters. More than 60 percent of all sub-prime loans — the most likely kind of loan to go into default — were made to African-Americans in Michigan, according to a report issued last year by the state’s Department of Labor and Economic Growth.

2) the GOP’s 2008 nationalized voter suppression efforts or the “Katherine Harris effect” if you will. Watch this video with Rachel Maddow featuring Robert “Bobby” Kennedy Jr. He co-authored the Stone’s piece and he is the co-founder of stealbackyourvote.org

Read Block your Vote then come to your own conclusion. Overwhelmingly the evidence suggest voter intimidation is the GOP’s winning strategy for McCain come November. At the end of the day the McCain camp is left with no last minute miracle 527 ads, no big sugar daddy donors, just slurs, lies and propaganda.