North Carolina is enjoying the position of a swing state this election and the latest McCain rally in Concord  proved the desperation is showing. But good ole boy Robin Hayes really set the tone for the rally. He is running a nasty “us against them” campaign in NC, which is probably why Larry Kissell has a sweet lead on him. 

 He yielded the microphone to Representative Robin Hayes, who prefaced his comments by saying it was important to “make sure we don’t say something stupid, make sure we don’t say something we don’t mean.” Republicans, he reminded the crowd, were kind people. Plus, he added, the liberal media had shown itself eager to distort such remarks. With the crowd duly chastened and put on best behavior, he accused Obama of “inciting class warfare” and said that “liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God.”

I really would like for Hayes to explain his comment. It sounds like he is saying, if you don’t support McCain or Hayes you hate Americans who have jobs, prosperity and you hate people who believe in God. 

Keep in mind that Hayes opponent almost beat him back in 2006 and Kissell embodies the very characteristics that Hayes comments target. Kissell a lifelong Democrat is a former textile worker of 27 years, now a social studies teacher, and a church deacon. Hayes on the other hand has amassed a huge amount of wealth in fact he is ranked the third wealthiest member of Congress by

This pro-America, anti-American crap breeds divisiveness, this type of political rhetoric was designed by the very people who have profited most from it. Politicians like Hayes and McCain.