A Reader writes:

I read your blog quite often and I wanted you to please post this information concerning John McCain and ACORN. U.S. Senator John McCain’s recent attacks on the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) are puzzling and deceptive given his historic support for the organization and its efforts on behalf of lower income, minority and immigrant Americans. As recently as February 2006, Senator McCain was the keynote speaker at an ACORN sponsored Immigration Rally in Miami, Florida at Miami Dade College.

Bertha Lewis, the Chief Organizer of ACORN, recently said, “It has deeply saddened us to see Senator McCain abandon his historic support for ACORN and our efforts to support the goals of low-income Americans. Maybe it is out of desperation that Senator McCain has forgotten that he was for ACORN before he was against ACORN; he was for immigration reform before he was against immigration reform; and he was a maverick before he became erratic. ACORN was thrilled to partner with him to help reform the outdated immigration laws in this country, and were pleased to work closely with him on this issue.”

These recent attempts by the GOP to draw attention away from their attempts to suppress voters and it has to be stopped. ACORN was founded because of the GOP voter fraud/voter caging during the 2000 Election in Florida. Everyone should do their homework before they condemn ACORN. 


Hat/Tip: Leslie M.