If you Google “voter caging” you will get some 775,000 potential results. If you don’t know what it is you could potentially lose your right to vote in the upcoming election. It has happened before and make no mistake about it, it will happen this year as it did in 2000 and in 2004. Not in NC you might be saying? You would be wrong.

What is voter caging?

Vote caging is a voter suppression tactic. The term is derived from a direct mail term. In the direct mail industry, when a third party runs a direct mailing campaign on behalf of a client organization, one of the activities undertaken is to compile all of the responses, handle contributions and to deposit received funds into the client’s account, and also update the database of names and addresses that were mailed to with the responses or corrected addresses obtained. Since some of the activities were controlled carefully (donations and deposits) and conducted in a manner similar to the activities within a “teller’s cage,” the process is called “caging” and the end result of the data entry updates and address corrections is called a “caging list.” This led to the term “voter caging” for voter registration analysis and challenges conducted via mass mailings.

Here is a recent example of how it works

Don’t let it happen again.