Janet Arbaroa, Michelle Young, Nancy Cooper and Kelly Morris, missing women, murdered wives, all young mothers who were ‘Erased” to coin a phase from Marilee Strong’s book. WRAL has released one of the search warrants the Granville County Sheriffs Department executed against Scott Morris. The Application for the search warrant disclosed the communities worst fears, that there is probable cause which “constitutes evidence of a crime and the identity of a person participating in a crime for Homicide and or Arson“. 

In my last post  I outlined a hypothetical scenario based on what we knew from local media coverage  regarding Scott Morris’ previous statements, none of which were plausible especially when you consider the families statements concerning how devoted Kelly was to her children (not to mention just plain common sense). Oddly enough my hypothetical snenario was close to what Scott intially told investigators or should I say what he expected them to believe.

The disclosure of this single warrant is damaging to the extent that we now know Morris’ statements to investigators are blatantly inconsistent with their findings. Additionally Morris’ father’s statements to investigators were also inconsistent whether by accident or design that has yet to be determined. This is truly one of those cases that make you shake your head and say what was he (Scott) thinking?  I mean, come on in this day and age you can’t go anywhere without being video-taped or tracked by a cell tower. One thing is for certain in this case technology will bring justice for Kelly Morris and her family.

I am pleased to see that the Sheriffs Department and the SBI are protecting the structure of their case during the investigation. That is imperative given the fact any mistakes made during the investigation could be cause for appeal. I cite for example even though they found that “an initial fire scene examination indicated the fire was arson” they waited until the testing of evidence by the SBI had been completed before releasing that information. But surprising, “on Friday, investigators found a gas can in a swampy area along Brassfield area. Authorities said believe the gas can might have come from the Morris house” according to WRAL.

Also WRAL reported that in an effort to keep the search for Kelly going the family is selling t-shirts for $15 to raise money for the search. The t-shrits are being sold in Creedmoor and surrounding areas. If anyone knows where they are being sold locally let me know and I will post those locations. The family needs our prays and support now more than ever.