Is this the almost October surprise?

Can you say open mouth insert hoof. To add insult to injury here, apparently the locals attending the rallies aren’t too enthusiastic about hearing McCain speak about the “change” he will bestow on Capital Hill if he’s elected. You know that “change” he hasn’t been able to quite get acomplished in 26 years he has already been in office. But the only way we will find out is if we elect him as President otherwise he’ll just let us keep on quessing.

Here are a few  observations by Johnathan Martin  over at Politico.

At a rally outside Youngstown, Ohio, Tuesday night, dozens of attendees left while McCain was still speaking

Notably, though, the exodous had only begun after Palin spoke.

“I look up, about five minutes into McCain’s address and see a steady stream of people walking out of the rally,” writes Radio Iowa’s Kay Henderson from a McCain-Palin event in Cedar Rapids.


Good thing Palin’s up to the task.