WTVD is reporting that two search warrants issued by the Granville County Sheriffs Department have been sealed under a Judges orders. The first warrant was issued on September 12 and the second on September 16th. Investigators have named William Scott Morris a person of interest in the fire as well as in Kelly’s disappearance.

More contradictions?  The latest relevations in Kelly’s disappearance reported by WRAL are in direct contradiction to what was reported by the N&O just a couple of days ago. The N&O reported that;

The couple did not have a history of domestic violence, nor were there any other signs of marital discord before Kelly Morris was reported missing, Smith said.

Then today we have this from: WRAL

The mother of a missing Granville County woman says there was trouble in her daughter’s marriage.

“I am not well at all,” said Wanda Hollis, Kelly Morris’ mother. “I have been going through this with Kelly and Scott for the last year – with the problems.”

Hollis said her daughter’s marriage was strained and that she had considered leaving her husband.

“I felt like if she stayed, something would happen. If she were to leave, something was going to happen,” Hollis said.

“I hope she is found soon, just found soon,” Hollis said.

Surely Investigators and Sheriff Smith have spoken with Kelly’s mother by now? The fact that the marriage was in trouble has been discussed multiple times by different indivdiuals through local media sources.

But something else caught my eye from the N&O piece;

Her husband, William Scott Morris, 34, was the last person to see her alive, Smith said.

“She was allegedly going to find a pet dog that had got outside we think,” he said. Smith said the pet Chihuahua returned but there has been no sign of Kelly Morris.

Later that afternoon, Kelly Morris was reported missing after authorities and family members tried to reach her at Nationwide Insurance’s home office in Raleigh, where she had started working less than a month ago. She worked a second job as site manager for the Morning Glory Apartments complex in Butner.

If you put these statements in context with what we already know about the case, one would have to come to several conclusions to make Scott Morris’ story plausible. The family maintains Kelly would under no circumstances leave her children, making much of what Scott has said to police; subject. I believe everyone would agree too many things about this story don’t add up,especally reviewing the timeline. Do you agree?

A reminder for those who want to show the family their support. The vigil for Kelly is scheduled for tonight, at 7 p.m. at the First Baptist Church in Creedmoor.