According to an articles out today by The Scientist and the AP, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced yesterday (Sept.16th) it will turn over its dossier, the scientific evidence against Bruce Ivins, thepurported chief suspect in the 2001 anthrax attacks. A panel of Scientists at the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) will preform an independent review of the evidence. As you know Bruce Ivins was a US army microbiologist at Fort Derick who committed suicide in July.

However, don’t expect any resolutions in the case to come quickly. 

Generally, Academy studies take six to 18 months to complete, and are done by teams of volunteer and staff scientists, he said. Studies of the size and expertise that is expected for the anthrax review usually cost at least several hundred thousand dollars and possibly up to $1 million, and are funded by the federal government, Kearney said.

FBI Director Robert Mueller says he requested the review.

“We’re in discussions with and are going to request the National Academy of Sciences review the work that was done in the course of this investigation,” Mueller told the House Judiciary Committee. “And it is an independent review by a panel of scientists that will be pulled together by the National Academy.”

About 60 scientists who belong to the group helped the FBI track the DNA of the anthrax spores back to a flask from Ivins’ lab. None of them will be allowed to participate in the independent study, said NAS spokesman William Kearney.

Mueller added: “Many of the scientists the National Academy ordinarily would seek to have on a panel are scientists that were already used in the course of this investigation. But as I say, the National Academy is an independent entity and will be conducting a review.”

The intuit in me questions will we really have an comprehensive investigation of the evidence or just another subterfuge investigation, masquerading as a review? One must not forget the “bioevangelists”, the people  who profited from the bioterrorism expandion due to the now anthrax attacks will no doubt have a hand in how much information actually makes it to public.

One lingering question that has never been answered surrounds the White House and its explaination as to why it handed out the Cipro before the attacks. In 2002, the conservative group Judicial Watch, which represented postal workers in Washington, sued the White House for documents relating to the case, but the suit went nowhere, as goes most investigations relating to the current administration.