Updated 091608  I spoke with the Herald Sun concerning Kim’s comment below; 

O.K, I called the Herald Sun this evening after thinking about this article all day long at work today. I spoke with the new manager Nancy and she stated that the reporter that did the article “misspoke” in the article and the sheriff did not say”death”. She also stated that there will be a reprint tomorrow and apology for the miscommunication.

To clarify they [the Herald Sun] will be printing a retraction concerning the “death”  quote from GC Sheriff David Smith. Thats a pretty big mistake to make, given the attention the case is receiving but then again its good news.  Thanks to Kim!!! for clearing this up.

News outlets on Friday were reporting that the cause of the fire at Kelly Morris’ residence in Stem was arson. Firefighters first responded to a fire at Morris’ home at 3220 Tump Wilkins Road in Stem at 11 a.m. Thursday , Sept 4th. I don’t believe the arson revelation caught anyone by surprise.

Arson caused the Sept. 4 fire at the home of missing southern Granville County woman Kelly Currin Morris.

“It’s just makes another piece of the puzzle that we’ve got to put together on this,” Sheriff David Smith said Friday after receiving confirmation around mid-day from the State Bureau of Investigation. 

Then today, a slip of the tongue by Granville County Sheriff David T. Smith speaks volumes. The Herald Sun  is reporting that; 

Granville County Sheriff David T. Smith said Sunday that the investigation into the death of Kelly Currin Morris, missing for more than a week, is ongoing.

I believe it is safe to say at this point Smith knows more than he is telling. After searching a Three-mile radius surrounding her residence the Granville County Sheriff’s Department officially called off the ground search for Kelly but the investigation continues. Local volunteers will continue the search according to a media reports.

A recap, Morris’ husband, William Scott Morris, told law enforcement he was at work at the time of the fire. But during the fire he was retrieving his dog from the neighbors yard. He works part-time at a BP station in Creedmoor and runs Scott’s Towing. Scott Morris did not help with the search for his missing wife and now he has been named a “person of interest” in the case. From the beginning the inconsistencies in his statement’s surrounding Kelly’s disappearance just didn’t add up for many within the community.

It is truly ironic that a similar case is unfolding in Vance County.  Authorities arrested a Vance County man, Robert Sterling Parham Jr on Friday, charging him with murder.  Investigators found a body in the charred ruins of his estranged wife’s house. It is believed that the body found is that of Geneva Parham. Family members stated that she was in the process of obtaining a restraining order against Parham. It appears now that both of these precious young women were silent witnesses.