Anyone interested in volunteering to join the search for Kelly, below is some information on how to help from a reader. Thanks to Kim for the information concerning how to volunteer she wrote;

They [the sheriffs department] want me to call them at 8:30am tomorrow to join in the search party. If anyone is off work tomorrow and would like to help with the search , please call 919-693-3213 to get the location to meet. Time is of the essence here, as time goes by if she is alive she is in more danger and if she is not, evidence is being destroyed.

The latest on Kelly’s dissappearance: 

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Source: The Herald Sun and the Daily Dispatch  BY WILLIAM F. WEST

STEM — Rainy weather prohibited authorities from conducting an aircraft search of a missing 28-year-old southern Granville County woman, but Sheriff David Smith said his department is leaving no stone unturned on the ground level.

“We’re just hoping for the best,” the county’s top law enforcement officer said Wednesday of efforts to locate Kelly Currin Morris, who has been missing for a week.

“It’s a mystery, to be honest with you,” Smith said of the overall situation.

The first reports of trouble came Sept. 4, when the Morris residence, located at 3220 Tump Wilkins Road southeast of Stem, caught fire.

Morris’ car was later found abandoned about a mile away in a future subdivision. A cellular phone, keys and a purse additionally were found.

The car remains impounded, Smith said.

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the State Bureau of Investigation are probing the cause of the fire, but “we have not gotten any official report on that yet,” Smith said.

As for tips via e-mails and phones, Smith said, “We’ve gotten some information and we’re running all this information down, but at this moment, none of it has really been fruitful.”

Still, Smith said even a minute detail could be significant to him and his investigators.

Published news reports have said that family and friends had last heard from Kelly Morris on the night of Sept. 3. Those same reports have quoted her father, Pat Currin, as saying his daughter is a devoted mother who was never far from her two daughters and who would never leave without letting someone else know.

Reports have said that Morris’ husband, Scott, was at work and that her two daughters were at school prior to the fire.

Smith, when asked Wednesday by The Dispatch about whether Scott Morris’ whereabouts have been verified, said, “The husband has been talked to several times.”

“And he has been talking to our people,” Smith said, adding that family members have participated in the search to find Kelly Morris.

So have firefighters, emergency personnel, law enforcement officers and volunteers.

Meantime, Stem Mayor Jack Day said the disappearance of Kelly Morris has been a subject of much conversation locally.

“I don’t really latch onto that because there’s so many theories going around,” Day said.

Day, when asked to be more specific, said that the talks have been all over the spectrum and that “most of it isn’t good.”

Still, Day made clear he did not want to be more specific because what he hears is speculation.

Day, when asked about the level of his town’s concerns about Kelly Morris having vanished, quickly replied, “We’re all worried about it.”

Linda Wilkins operates a pre-school, called Hearts and Minds, across from what was the Morris residence. Wilkins once provided pre-schooling to one of Kelly Morris’ daughters.

Although Wilkins remains baffled and shocked by the disappearance of Kelly Morris, she said she is praying she will be found.

“You hear about stuff like this in Raleigh … , but when it’s like this, it’s hitting pretty close to home,” Wilkins said.