This young lady’s disappearance is on the minds of everyone in the community and with good reason, this is truly a sad story. One that we have heard repeated far to often in  recent NC news. At this point all the community has to go on is what is being reported in the local media, and for many in the community several things just don’t add up. In my opinion these inconsistencies are adding to the rumor mill around the community. But for the most part I think people are concerned this has happened “so close to home.” 

What do we know for sure? Kelly had two children and her husband is William Scott Morris and he owns Scott’s Towing Inc. Kelly is listed as one of the Incorporator’s of the business which was formed on 1/24/2007. The rest is unfolding.

The story broke on Sept. 5th when NBC 17 reported that, “According to Detective Reid, 28-year-old Kelly Currin Morris has been missing since September 3rd“. Here’s where the questions start, September 3rd was a Wednesday her house was discovered in flames on Thursday the 4th. WRAL also reported on Sept. 5, that “Shortly after the fire was reported they found her car about a mile away in a undeveloped subdivision”.

Morris’ keys, purse and cell phone were inside the car, Smith said, and no one was at home at the time. Her husband, Scott Morris, was at work; their two children were at school.

In this video from WRAL , Amanda Lamb talks with Morris’s neighbor Linda Wilkins, who runs a daycare across the street. She states that while the house was on fire “Scott Morris came over to her yard to retrieve his dog”. She ask “Well does Kelly know about this” and Morris says “Well, I’ve been trying to call but I can’t get in touch with her”.

NBC 17; reports Morris stated: Kelly went missing looking for the family dog and yet while the fire was occurring at the house he retrieved the dog from the neighbors yard? A few other points in the story;

Kelly’s husband Scott says she went looking for the family dog and never came back. (So he spoke with her to know the dog was missing)

Police found Kelly Morris’s car, keys, purse and cell phone about a mile away from her home Thursday, shortly after firefighters responded to a fire at her home. Officials discovered Morris was missing after her home was being consumed by a raging fire last Thursday afternoon. 

Deputies will not say when she was last seen.

NBC17  previously reported she had been missing since the 3rd and Scott Morris told sheriff’s investigators the family last saw her Wednesday night. So why was she “discovered missing” on Thursday after the fire. Why not Wednesday night when she didn’t return home or Thursday morning in her absence? There are a lot of inconsistencies and it maybe due to the way the story is being reported. For now our thoughts and prays should be with her children, her family and her safe return to them both.