Updated 11:00 am 8/31/08

Gustav is now a Cat 3 down for its earlier Cat 4 status. (Which is good news if there is any in this situation)

Current stats as of 11:00am 8/31/08

25.3N 86.0W Moving NW 17 MPH Winds 120 Pressure 962 mb

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Still Image – Gustav

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Gustav continues to look somewhat ragged in satellite appearance this morning. The deep convection is very asymmetric…with the cold tops due mainly to one hot tower in the western eyewall. While an eye-like feature is apparent…it is displaced to the northeast of the aircraft-reported center. The latest report from a NOAA hurricane hunter indicates the central pressure has risen to 962 mb…along with an elliptical 30 by 20 N mi wide eye open to the southeast. The initial intensity is reduced to 105 kt…and this might be a little generous based on the aircraft winds.


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Updated 2:00 am est 08/31/08 (Click on images to enlarge)

The 2 am EDT advisory is out. The intensity (958 mb/115 kt) makes it a low-end Cat 4.

24/7 Storm Coverage from WDSU Channel 6 in Louisiana

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All eyes are on the Gulf and the Altantic. Hurricane Gustav, churning toward the Gulf Coast now, is expected to become a Category 5 storm before it makes landfall, according to the National Hurricane Center. A Category 5 storm has winds of 156 mph or stronger. Needless to say such winds would devastate most buildings and trees in the storms path, little would be left standing. Hurricane Katrina was a Cat 5 storm but luckily it was downgraded to a Cat 3 before landfall. I only hope this is the case with Gustav. Fortunately  for all concerned, Fema and other agencies are treating this storm seriously, preparations and evacuations have already begun.

In addition to Gustav and Hanna, the National Hurricane Center is now watching 2 other areas of potential development. One tropical wave and another area with a broad area of low pressure which is conducive for further development as a tropical system within the next 48hrs. Go here for more on these systems and up to date information on Gustav and Hanna.

Compare Gustav to Katrina (click to enlarge)

Gustav 145mph               

Katrina 160mph  


Gustav Latest Spaghetti Model and Satellite image of eastern Conus (click to enlarge)


The models are coming into agreement on this one. If you are a weather geek like me and you want more information concerning these storms and weather in general, the best weather forum on the net (my opinion) for everything weather is EasternUS WxForums. I’ve been a member for awhile and these folks know their stuff. Also, Gustav Live 24/7 coverage available on- line from WDSU Channel 6 (New Orleans & Kenner Louisiana) can be viewed here. Let’s keep all affected by these storms in our prays.