I knew I had heard her name before and MSNBC confirmed why. She really pissed off Ted Stevens the “bridge to nowhere senator” who was just recently indicted on corruption charges with her comments about him and the VECO scandal. Turns out she was right, uh.

 In July of last year, Palin shocked and angered Stevens by publicly criticizing him for his role in the VECO scandal and called for him to speak out about it. 

“I think I join others in wanting to know of the senator’s innocence,” Palin said. “Right now, we’re not hearing anything.”  

What is McCain thinking? Is he trying to win over the Hillary voters? Palin herself apparently has a few skeletons in the ole’ proverbial closet, like here,

But more alarming than any budget battle, Monegan said no to firing a State Trooper who had divorced Governor Palin’s sister because the guy was being maliciously hounded by Palin’s family.

And not just that; Monegan’s firing came after his Colonel had to reprimand the governor’s office for meddling in department personnel affairs


Now, one of the bright new stars in the Republican Party has suddenly become tarnished. The state legislature this week voted to hire an independent investigator to see whether Ms. Palin abused her office by trying to get her former brother-in-law fired from his job as an Alaska state trooper.

“This is a governor who was almost impervious to error,” says Hollis French, a Democratic state senator. “Now she could face impeachment, in a worst-case scenario.”

and here.

Gov. Sarah Palin on Wednesday revealed an audio recording that shows an aide pressuring the Public Safety Department to fire a state trooper embroiled in a custody battle with her sister.

Palin, who has previously said her administration didn’t exert pressure to get rid of trooper Mike Wooten, also disclosed that members of her staff had made about two dozen contacts with public safety officials about the trooper.

The governor said evidence of what she called a “smoking gun” conversation, and other calls made by her aides, only recently surfaced as the attorney general started an inquiry at her request into the circumstances surrounding her firing of Monegan. Palin wanted the review because a special investigator hired by the Legislature is about to investigate the firing and a legislator has been quoted in a newspaper story talking about impeachment.

Hey nobody’s perfect trust me I’ll be the first one to admit that, but I’m not so sure she’d be the best to run the White House if McCain kicks the bucket. After all he is 72 and his familiy has a history of heart disease. One thing is for sure though, the 2008 election just got a hell of a lot more interesting.

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