Well the August 25th comment deadline is past for comments on the NBAF. Did you send your comments to DHS? I believe I heard a collective sigh of relieve in Butner this morning but then again it could have been just my dog snoring. One thing is for sure, Um I believe DHS got effectively schooled on just how deficient the draft EIS was by GNAT, ouch. But hey what did they expect from such a $4 plus million dollar crappy job. Folks we are in the wrong business, fiction pays well.

A shout out to all those at AthensFAQ, those guys aren’t FAQing around either. I guess the next few months we will be playing a wait and see game for the final site selection. I have a prediction though and I’m willing to bet on it.  The final EIS will be released on a Friday at 3:30 in the afternoon, any takers?