I ran across this article today “Six Questions About the Anthrax Attacks That the Public Should Demand” The writer poses some pretty good questions. While it is true the US media is losing interest in the resolution of this case I don’t believe this issue will go away anytime soon.

For me number 4 is telling.

4. What of those military labs? Why does their history continue to play little or no part in the story of the anthrax attacks?

 In reading through reams of coverage of Ivins’s suicide and the FBI case against him, I found only a single reference to the work his lab at Fort Detrick had been dedicated to throughout most of the Cold War era. Here is that sentence from the Washington Post: “As home to the Army Biological Warfare Laboratories, the facility ran a top-secret program producing offensive biological weapons from 1943 until 1969.” And yet, if you don’t grasp this fact, the real significance of the anthrax case remains in the shadows.

I would say someone and their non-existent bioweapons program has been busted.