Today is the DHS DEIS meeting in Athens, Georgia. (Good luck to all ) In preparation for the meeting the local politico’s apparently wanted to express to everyone how tough they really are and how supportive they are for the NBAF project.

Athens Commissioner Doug Lowry said he “thinks the politicians who’ve reversed their positions are a bunch of pansies”. Um, I don’t guess it ever occurred to him politicians can change their minds and what does Commissioner Lowry have against pansies anyway? Whether he likes flowers are not I think he is missing the point.

 “We’re not going to fold like a cheap suit like those guys up in North Carolina” he proclaimed. At least in NC our consortium observed the greater significance of the meetings. They had enough class to realize the DEIS meetings were for the citizens and for public comment on the NBAF DEIS. Not an arena to politicize the size of your kahunas.