Homeland Security has released more documents relating to the NBAF. These documents are redacted and most meaningful content has been removed, ie. cost and any transparency. However, the total cost of the North Carolina location is said to be $677,289,729 (see page 51 of the NBAF Site Cost Analysis). If DHS expects to spend $451 million, then somebody needs to come up with roughly $226,289,729, any takers? According to the Census Bureau  in 2006 NC’s population was around 8,856,505. So if we do the math (wait my calculator doesnt’ go that high) that comes out to about $75 per resident. Now I see why that needed a grant. Oh, but wait that was only $262 thousand wasn’t it, silly me.

I suspect these documents were released after their (DHS) corrupt scoring system was exposed, now there’s a shocker. DHS was clearly busted when the AP’s reported that “Homeland Security disregards experts in naming biolab site“. Kudo’s to the AP. The New York Times got in on the action to with “Boosting our own bio risk“, isn’t that what GNAT has been saying all alone? Only they aren’t getting paid to say it.

If you are interested on page 107 of the Site Cost Analysis you will find the site concept diagram of the Umstead Research Farm. Note the wetlands that surround the site. These wetlands should be an excellent environment for Rift Valley Fever and whatever other gruesome things they will be growing in a petri dish and the Insectary.

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement used excerpts and summaries from the following support documents, which are expected to assist the decision maker in a final decision: