Here is a scientific wake up call if I ever saw one, Dr Jeannette Adu-Bobie lost an arm and a leg and all they can say is:

“I regret the failure of the original investigation to reach what now appears a reasonable conclusion and apologise for any distress this may have caused. We acknowledge the ordeal that this has been for Dr Adu-Bobie, and appreciate that she wishes to ensure no other scientists suffer as she has.”

The ACC-commissioned report, by Dr Mark Thomas, Associate Professor in Infectious Diseases University of Auckland, confirmed the original investigation findings that the strain of the organism that infected Dr Adu-Bobie was indistinguishable from the one she worked with in the laboratory and the epidemic strain present in New Zealand. But it provided new information – that four of the five cases reported in Wellington around the same time Dr Adu-Bobie fell ill involved a different strain of the disease. The fifth case was a similar strain but couldn’t be confirmed as the same one that infected Dr Adu-Bobie.