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The recent death of Bruce Ivins and the truth behind the source of the “anthrax attacks” has  brought forth some disturbing revelations for me. The more that is revealed about Ivins the more I believe he simply knew to much. Would the Bush Administration really let this man stand trial? Let’s face it  almost every law written during Bush’s reign has been in reaction to 9/11 and the anthrax attacks.  Sadly, my belief now is whenever there is a suicide (or plane crash) that is actively reported in the media relating to a government official or investigation, I question it, strongly and often.

Why do I bring up Bush? Well Ivins death reminded me of the 2006 suicide of another bio-weapons expert and Iraq WMD whistle-blower, Dr. David Kelly. In both cases circumstances surrounding the researchers’ death’s are well honestly, stranger than fiction. For instance,  Dr. David Kelly’s last phone call was reportedly to Judith Miller, the former New York Times reporter who was caught up in the Valerie Plame Wilson/WMD scandal. WMD, Iraq and bio-weapons get it yet?

Dr. David Kelly was the chief science officer of Britain’s Natural Environment  Research Council of Virology. In 1984, he became the head of microbiology at the  Ministry of Defense’s chemical research center at PortonDown.  I don’t think this is a profession I would now recommend to a friend.  Since 1994, over 80 scientist have died many under questionable circumstances

Below are a couple of trailers from a documentary on the mysterious dead of Dr. David Kelly by Bob Coen a former correspondent for CNN International. According to information I found while researching  Kelly’s death, Coen was awarded the prestigious Bayeux Prize for Best Television War Correspondent for his work in Liberia in 1997. His documentaries have investigated the liberation and proxy wars of Southern Africa and his work has been broadcast on PBS, Channel 4 UK and National Geographic among others.

The documentary is eerily titled Dead in the Woods. In the film, Coen  investigates and tries to  answer  questions surrounding Kelly’s death and he suggest there is an International Bio-Weapons Mafia.

Reportedly Dr. Kelly was asked what he thought would happen if Iraq were invaded, the weapons-expert responded: ‘I will probably be found dead in the woods’

Dead in the Woods

The Seed

Watch My Back

Here is one of the most comprehensive pieces in my opinion surrounding the death of Dr. Kelly.

Some things never chance. Amazing public service announcement from 1952.

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