Source: The Herald Sun

 U.S. House passes bill that will expand Camp Butner


BUTNER — The U.S. House passed a military appropriations bill Friday that includes expansion of the National Guard training site at Camp Butner.

The site has been for years the subject of neighbors’ complaints about safety and noise regarding firing ranges.

The bill contains about $1.4 million in funding secured by Rep. Brad Miller, D-Greensboro, for the site that will permit development of the 4,998-acre site to include housing of troops and maintenance of equipment.

According to Miller’s office, the funding will allow construction of a barracks complex, a dining facility, maintenance areas and logistical facilities.

“The new facility will also support the use of Camp Butner as an alternate Command Post in the event the current facilities are rendered untenable by a disaster or terrorist attack,” according to a press release from Miller’s office.

“We rely on the North Carolina National Guard to protect and defend us around the world,” Miller said in the press release, “and we turn to them for help during disasters here at home. Giving them the resources for training they need to do their job is the least we can do for them.”

The facility in southwestern Granville County is the remnant of what was a 40,000-acre site that crossed into parts of Durham and Person counties during World War II.

Since then, private development has come to cover much of that land, and to surround much of what is left, causing concerns about safety.