Well this should come as no surprise. Raleigh with the aid of a contractor, the engineering firm Arcadis reviewed the NBAF Draft Environment Impact Statement and determined that it did not adequately address Raleigh’s concerns. I’m sure the term Nimby will be hurled at the Raleigh city staff and the city council next.

Thing is, if you read the document (which I have) there is no way one could be assured this facility does not come with risk as well as some legimate future environmental concerns. Specifically SGWASA’s ability to handle future wastewater volume as well as treatment of the NBAF Effluent. This would be crucial if the NBAF used a disposal method such as alkaline hydrolysis (tissue digester). But we don’t know because the waste disposal method, one would expect to see in the DEIS has yet to be decided. 

If you would like to read or download Raleigh’s list of questions you can do so here.

Consider this from David Bracken, Staff Writer – The News and Observer

Concerned about protecting Raleigh’s drinking water, city staff members issued a report this afternoon recommending the City Council oppose a proposal to locate a federal defense lab in Butner.

The recommendation comes after city’s public utilities department determined that the Department of Homeland Security had failed to respond to critical questions that Raleigh had formally submitted to federal officials in September 2007.

Most of those questions related to the fact that the Butner site is located within the Falls Lake water supply watershed. Falls Lake is the sole source of drinking water for Raleigh and six other Wake County towns.

City Manager Russell Allen will present the report to the City Council at its meeting on Tuesday.

Raleigh worked with the engineering firm Arcadis to come up with the list of questions and comments that it earlier submitted to Homeland Security.

Today’s recommendation came after city staff and Arcadis reviewed a draft of an Environmental Impact Statement that Homeland Security officials are preparing for the Butner site. The draft did not adequately address Raleigh’s concerns, the staff determined.