Source: By Reggie Ponder : The [Henderson] Daily Dispatch
The Herald-Sun

OXFORD — Granville County’s budget for 2008-2009 will be $47 million, and the property tax rate remaining at 75.5 cents per $100 valuation.

The Granville Board of Commissioners adopted the budget Monday night with commissioner Tony Cozart and W.E. Averette voting against it.

Cozart and Averette were the only commissioners backing Cozart’s alternate proposal to increase the tax rate one cent in order to add $339,000 to the budget for such things as $130,000 for the county’s rural fire departments, a 2 percent cost of living adjustment for employees, a 2.5 percent pay hike for law enforcement officers, and services for senior citizens.

Cozart told the board he had heard citizen concerns and tried to balance them with the economic difficulties people in the community are facing.

After Cozart’s motion failed, the board voted to adopt the budget as presented.

The board also approved a schedule of fees for the coming fiscal year. Most fire marshal inspection fees have increased to $50.

The underground storage tank installation or removal fee is increasing from $100 to $200, as is the above-ground tank fee.

All re-inspections will be $50, and day care inspection fees are increasing to $100.

At the recent public hearing on the budget, Chris Tingen, chief of Stovall’s volunteer firefighters, stood up and pleaded for more funding for the county’s volunteer fire system.

County finance officials said they planned to allocate $701,467. The volunteer firefighters requested $954,588.

The budget adopted Monday allocates $2.6 million to general government, $11.3 million to human services, $2.48 million to community services, $13.2 million to education and $10.1 million to public safety.

In another matter, the board voted to purchase the building that houses South Granville Primary Care, PA, in Butner for $500,000. The board acted on behalf of the county-owned hospital.

The office houses the practice of Dr. Michael Mahan.

Although Mahan will continue to be medical director of the practice, the hospital also is acquiring the practice itself.

Jim Wrenn, county attorney, said the price the hospital is paying to acquire the practice (beyond the real estate cost) is not being disclosed because state law protects the confidentiality of that information