North Carolina and Mississippi show DHS the money

Citizens action needed

State, Rep. W.A. “Winkie” Wilkins (I didn’t make that up, he represents northern Durham County and all of Person County) has filed a bill to appropriate $25 million for the NBAF.

Now you can stop “Winkie” Wilkins and his proposed legislation  by calling  him at 919-715-0850. Also, write him with your thoughts and concerns via his email at  or at his legislative Mailing address:

NC House of Representatives
16 W. Jones Street, Room 1301
Raleigh, NC 27601-1096.

Politely, remind Rep. “Winkie” Wilkins  that his party (Democratic) in the 4th and 13th congressional districts adopted resolutions against the NBAF at their county Democratic convention’s. It appears that the Granville County Rep. Jimmy Crawford  couldn’t stand the heat so he passed on the opportunity to sponsor legislation.

Also, while you are in the letter writing mode, you can go here and send Burr, Dole and Brad Miller a letter opposing the NBAF.

On to Mississippi, after watching Chip Pickering (painful) during the May 22, Congressional investigative hearing, I knew he would do almost anything to attract NBAF to his state. But Gov. Haley Barbour shows DHS the money, 88.3 million to be exact.

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is asking lawmakers to pledge nearly $88.3 million to help the state compete for a new federal laboratory that will study animal diseases.

Mississippi lawmakers are in special session to consider several proposals. The governor controls the agenda, and he expanded it Tuesday to include consideration of bonds for the biolab.

Never mind the lack of risk assessment for the project, the GAO report exposed and forget the acknowledged problems. Where is the rest of the cash coming from? There are still victims of Katrina who need help and,

Some residents have flooded a local mission group  with phone calls, asking for help finding and moving into new homes. Roughly 6,800 families in South Mississippi still live in the temporary trailers, as the third anniversary of Katrina nears.

Who cares Mississippi wants the NBAF, dangnabit nuff said? Not exactly, Barbour is admitting what many have been saying all along, it’s all about what the sites can do for DHS. Why else would Rep. Wilkins step up to the plate in NC?

The bonds appear to be some of the least controversial items included in the session by Republican Gov. Haley Barbour, the only official who can call a special session and set the agenda.

We’ve been told pretty directly by (the federal government) that when they rate proposals that Mississippi’s proposal would be rated lower because we’ve only written a letter committing ourselves to this,” Barbour said.

Can you say legalized extortion, this late in the process DHS is rating the sites not by the best environmentally suited site but by the state that forks over the most cash for the project. Um surprised? I’m not.

Where did Mississippi get their numbers for the project you might be asking?

The bond amounts have been based on recommendations from the Department of Homeland Security, said Gray Swoope, executive director of the Mississippi Development Authority.

It appears each state has been given different recommendations by DHS to help fund the behemoth.  NBAF pork per state so far:

  • Kansas $105 million
  • Texas $100 million
  • Mississippi $88.3 million
  • Georgia $25 million
  • North Carolina – Proposed legistration

Speaking of Pork, the National Pork Producers Council says:

“The location of NBAF must be based on assessed risks rather than on which entity is willing to build such a facility,” said Howard Hill, a veterinarian and chief operating officer of Iowa Select Farms, who testified on NPPC”s behalf. “Locations need to be reexamined to see if the ‘island effect’ can be recreated by siting the facility in an area withlow densities of livestock and wildlife. And we need the new facility to enhance the capabilities of our industry with regard to research, diagnostics and treatment for all foreign animal diseases.”

Silly risk assessments who needs em when you have taxpayers?