Digging through the news over the long holiday weekend I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of  my daily reads, Daily Kos got into the NBAF debate with,  “Another Looming Bush Disasterthe comments are a must read. I especially liked.

Bush is an “end times” nutjob.  I think I’ve commented before about how my parents had a brief flirtation with the “Book of Revelation predicts end times soon” crowd, and how many of Bush’s statements perked up my ears because much of what he was saying reminded me of what the books said.

He considers it his God-given task to set it all up.  War in the Middle East, economic dislocations (did anybody else notice that his response to hearing about $4 gas almost seemed pleased?), etc.  An outbreak of F&M from this facility if moved to the mainland (which would be almost inevitable) would be just another step towards the conditions that he believes have to be in place to fulfill the prophecies.

Ahhh sanity but then I find,

A congressional subcommittee held a hearing last week  that explored  whether it is a good idea to work with such contagious pathogens in the heart of cattle country.

The new facility, wherever it is built, will rely on multiple layers for the most advanced technologies to make sure that the diseases being studied never escape the building, said Jerry Jaax, associate vice president for research compliance at Kansas State.

NBAF is an example of what Kansas and, I would say, the region needs to do more,” Thornton said.

That explored? Umm I believe “that exploded” would have been better choice of words, that is if you actually watched the hearing? Do they have cabin in Kansas?