In case you missed yesterdays hearing you may want to take a peak at this very telling exchange between Chairman John Dingell and Jay Cohen relating to why DHS has withheld necessary documentation from the subcommittee and GAO. If there was any doubt about transparency this clip should clarify the issue, there isn’t any. There is no doubt Chairman Dingell lays it out very plainly for Mr. Cohen and DHS.

“Delivery of lots of paper is not the delivery of specific requested documents and I expect better cooperation from your department, you are not giving it and it maybe you can treat other committees with arrogant disregard for their request but you’re sure not going to do it here. Because I’m going to see to it and I’m sure Mr. Stupak our chairman will see to it that “we will lay subpoenas on you” so that we get your cooperation willingly or otherwise”.

The entire hearing can be viewed here. The video will open in a separate window. (An aside note the webcast starts at about 04:00 into the clip).