The Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Hearing: Germs, Viruses, and Secrets:  Government Plans to Move Exotic Disease  Research to the Mainland United States is scheduled for May 22 at 10:00AM. To view the hearing online go here.

The hearing will examine the following issues;

  • Has DHS given adequate consideration to the hazards of shutting down Plum Island and transferring foot and mouth disease to the mainland?
  • Can foot and mouth disease and other exotic animal diseases research be carried out safety in bio-containment facilities on the mainland?
  • What are the views of the livestock industry about the plan to transfer foot and mouth disease research to the mainland?
  • Have the direst and indirect costs of shutting down Plum Island and building the NBAF on the U.S. mainland been fully considered?
  • Is there an agricultural need for a BSL-4 Lab at the NBAF?
  • Is the NBAF site-selection process being conducted fairly?
  • Does DHS have adequate experience and expertise to lead Federal research on dangerous animal diseases, or should that responsibility more properly reside with the USDA?

 Witness List