Don’t believe it?  Read “The Repubs as usual lie to us” it throughly explains why we are in the mess we are in. A priceless excerpt;

Republicans proudly proclaim, (some say chant), that it is a proven fact that tax cuts stimulate economic growth and result in higher tax revenues for the government. This is a seductive idea. They are saying that you can get somethin for nothin. It is simple and straight forward. Heck it could even be true. We would never know. It is simply a cover story for Republicans to justify the looting of the public treasury by the rich and powerful elite that control the Republican agenda.

A thief stealing your wallet is the Republican metaphor for taxes. It is a gross distortion. I am also opposed to the stimulus plan however a better and much more accurate metaphor for taxes is: You are contractually obligated to give some of your money to a personal assistant who pays your bills, hires a security company and buys food for your dependents who are not able to provide for themselves.


Republicans are extremely talented at manipulating the American people by framing issues in a distorted way. For example, they have a fetish for Paris Hilton, (so do I actually), but the Repubs got the hots for her so bad that they rename the estate tax as the death tax and try to pass the “Paris Hilton Relief Act.”