Those of you who read here on a regular basis know my stance on the lack of balanced coverage from local media relating to the National Bio Agro Defense Facility. The letter below spells out perfectly issues that should be part of the public debate, moreover the articles the writer is referring to, “Govt. acknowledges accidents at virus lab” if Googled the article returns 37,600 results and yet not one NC  local media outfit picks up on the story. Why? Is it because the article reports something NC citizens should not be concerned about? No, then why? Citizens of Butner and surrounding counties have been assured repeatly that there is no risk with the NBAF and here we have a well research story from the AP documenting acknowledged virus accidents that have previously been denied by the NC consortium. In addition, DHS refused to particpate in hearings to investigate the risk and need for this facility and now DHS is threatened with subpoenas to produce requested information. But we the citizens should believe the NBAF’s operation will be an open process, as promised by the consortium? Now that is laughable if it were not so serious.

 “Leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee also are worried about the lab’s likely move to the mainland. The chairman, Democratic Rep. John Dingell, and the head of the investigations subcommittee, Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak, are threatening to subpoena records they say Homeland Security is withholding from Congress. Those records include reports about “Crimson Sky,” and an internal review about a publicized 1978 accidental release of foot-and-mouth disease on Plum Island and reports about any previously undisclosed virus releases on the island during the past half century”.

Silence exists because citizens armed with the facts   are a threat to the public relations scam that is being pulled on the residents of Granville county namely Butner.

NBAF Articles Ignored

 Herald Sun

On April 11, two Associated Press articles were released, but were not printed in North Carolina. They were printed in other states that are competing for the National Bio-Agro Defense Facility.

The articles were about accidents on Plum Island in which hoof-and-mouth disease escaped containment. One article was admissions that such accidents had occurred in 1978.

A study called “Crimson Sky” was also discussed. Crimson Sky Study was done in North Carolina by an official of the N.C. Department of Agriculture. It showed that if just two farms were infected with hoof and mouth, the outbreak would be out of control in 10 days, spreading to 12 states.

If five farms were affected, the outbreak would reach 35 states in 10 days. The livestock industry nationwide would be brought to a halt.

Since Granville County is one of the proposed sites, and the study was based in North Carolina, you would think the releases would have been published in a North Carolina newspaper.

A week after the releases, the National Grange, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected farming organizations, sent a strongly worded letter to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture expressing its opposition to the BSL-4 lab being built on the mainland USA.

Hoof and mouth is highly contagious and can be transmitted by breath, clothes and vehicles, as well as animal-to-animal contact. The proponents of the NBAF would not like this news to be released, but opponents and neutral people have the right to the truth.

May 2, 2008