If there is a Bush legacy, might I suggest that it will be for having the most forgetful cronies in any  given administration, and that’s where Lurita Doan fits in.  She was in good company for starters we have  Rumy and Gonzales.  But in the case of Doan she has her own legacy, one must not forget her “Hortatory Subjunctive” comment to the the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform when questioned about employee punishment. Yes in deed she served Bush and Rove well.

 She was named by CREW, “as one of the 25 most corrupt officials in the Bush Administration” but alas she was fired.

 Source: Politico

Lurita Doan finally forced out at GSA

Lurita Doan, head of the General Services Administration, was forced to offer her resignation tonight, according to an e-mail she sent out this evening.

Doan was appointed in late May, 2006, becoming the first woman to serve as GSA Administrator. With 12,000 empioyees and a $20 billion annual budget, GSA has responsibilty for overseeing the thousands of building and properties owned by the federal government.

Doan became the subject of congressional scrutiny last year for allegedly using GSA to help Republican lawmakers win re-election. Doan denied the allegation, but her appearance before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee was disastrous. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), chairman of the panel, called on Doan to resign over the allegations, but Doan refused to do so.


You can watch more of her memoriable testimony below.


For a refresher on Doan read this piece from the AP – Report: Contracting head illegally political