Durham’s Earth Day Festival 2008 was fantastic and proved the point of “it’s easy being green”. The day was perfect, warm and sunny with lots of laid back hippies and soon to be hippies some still in diapers. It was apparent local residents are taking the drought seriously several vendors were selling water friendly products such as rain barrels, all with water conservation in mind.  Several bands graced the stage at Central Park and  you couldn’t pass up the food. The friendly atmosphere and the colorful parade through the park at 4:00 was a sight to behold, simply unique.

 A few highlights:

Opposition to the National Bio Agro Defense Facility was evident at the festival, every where you looked you saw the familiar NoBio logo and NoBio Lab button pinned to the shirts of festival goers. Granville Non Violent Action Team (GNAT) was entertaining folks at their  booth with Suzanne Moody on the violin and Joe Pfister on the guitar. Members of GNAT said the event was a complete success and at last count GNAT had 10 + pages of signatures from people at the festival in opposition to the NBAF.

Congressional hopeful B.J. Lawson  was there providing a pocket version of the Constitution, (remember that?) and a NBAF fact sheet with reasons to oppose, as he calls it, “the federal gravy train”. Lawson’s platform seeks to restore a Constitutional federal government, stop big Government and restore prosperity and liberty to all Americans. Lawson is trying to secure the Republican nomination to un-seat the Congressional incumbent, Rep. David Price (D-NC). Up from Lawson was Barack Obama’s campaigh table, lots of people were taking advantage of the one stop early voting provided by his volunteers. Clearly Obama’s message of change is reaching folks in North Carolina. Hillary’s campaigh did not attend the festival.

All and all it was a great way to spend a Saturday, below are some pictures from around the festival and hope to see you next year.

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