Update: Michael Daniel was found guilty of Second Degree Murder for the murder of Ike Terry on July 21 2008. His conviction netted him 21 years, 10 months and 24 days in the North Carolina Department of Corrections with a projected release date of 2/18/28. Daniel’s will be 42 years old when he is released.

The Herald Sun recently did a piece on an upcoming trial in Granville County that has everyone involved concerned about security at the courthouse. The case of Michael Shavone Daniel is a case that should have concerned the judges and District Attorney Sam Currin’s office long before Daniel was charged with the murder of Ike Terry. The case against Michael Daniel is yet another example of an individual who should have been behide bars but was instead walking the streets to commit more crime and once again the alleged crime cost an innocent person their life. The murder of Ike Terry was a senseless act but what is even more senseless is the fact that the judical system in Granville and other counties ignored a career criminal’s history putting all of us at risk. If the system had done it’s job, Ike Terry’s murderer would have been unable to fire that fatal shot in September 07.

One look at Daniel’s arrest record and court history  one can see he is no ordinary 21 year old and yet the criminal justice system in our state kept giving Daniel a free pass to commit more crime. Since 2003 Daniel’s has racked up 51 criminal charges. Offenses range from motor vehicle violations, Speeding to elude arrest, DWI, DWLR, felony drug possession, possessing stolen goods, and assault, to name just a few. He was given probation for his last felony conviction and allegedly murdered Terry while on probation. Daniel’s probation was revoked after he was charged with the murder of Terry.

 How many Eve Carson’s, Ike Terry’s and Cynthia Moreland’s are we going to have to read about before we do something? Almost every day we see another example of our broken judicial system and the need for judicial reform, yesterday WRAL broke this story:

A convicted murderer is back in jail facing drug and gun charges.Lenn Spivey, 47, was on parole for a 1979 second-degree murder conviction. He was sentenced to no less than 45 years in prison, but was paroled last year.

Wake County sheriff’s deputies arrested Spivey on Sunday.

Spivey was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of cocaine and marijuana with the intent to distribute.


Spivey, while incarcerated had 29 Disciplinary Infractions including substance possession, theft and threatening staff. One must really question the logic behind this man receiving parole given the fact he was committing crime in prison. Is it a surprise he is committing crime on the streets?

In my opinion if you want a hot button issue for the 2008 election cycle our broken judicial system is it. Get involved learn about elected judicial officials, the judges and District attorney’s in your county. If you don’t continue to elect these “do nothing about crime officials”  they will not be in office to put you and your family in harms way.