ABC is getting a lot of deserved press time today over their abysmal attempt at a debate on Wednesday night. Honestly,  I believe they proved to the American people just how out of touch they are. Come on, you cannot convince me that ABC did not receive more thought provoking questions than, “Do you believe in the American flag? What kind of question is that exactly, do you know anyone who is even concerned about that issue? What about gas prices, healthcare,and inflation just for starters? This election is the most important election of my lifetime and I am not interested in the politics of stupid but it would seem ABC is. What was ABC thinking? The big surprise of the night is that Charlie Gibson can count too bad he didn’t ask any questions referring to the economy using those math skills. At least the audience showed their dismay with the stupity and format of the debate.

More outrage at TalkingPointsMemo, FreePress.Net and MoveOn.Org.

Here is an example of the joke ABC played on the American viewers in case you were lucky enough to miss it.