These two exchanges are pretty funny, they are both opinion pieces from The Modesto Bee. I present them here as a Q&A. Umm, buy American, well I’ll drink to that. You know, the point could be made the economy is driving people to drink. 😆


I want to know the best way to use my rebate money coming in May to stimulate the American economy. Our government, in all its wisdom, has decided to give tax-filing Americans free cash — who, in turn, are supposed to spend freely and bring us out of a recession.

I have heard that if we buy a stereo the money goes to China. If we buy food the money goes to Mexico. If we buy clothing the money goes to India. I realize that our local store owners will make some money off being the middlemen for the purchases of stereos, food and clothing, but that’s not enough. How do we spend our rebate to stimulate the American economy?


I could not help but laugh when I read the letter “How stimulating is a Chinese stereo?” (April 8), questioning how to best spend his rebate check. If the writer truly wants to get the most bang for his buck, buy beer, wine, or whiskey (domestic, of course). I am not an expert in this field, but I believe these items are almost completely American made, even down to the packaging. :mrgreen: