The release of this memo and following interview, just reenforces the fact that the US and the Justice Department has been hijacked by the lawlessness of the neocon Bush Administration.  The just released memo  implied Bush’s authority during wartime trumped any international ban on torture. The approved the use of harsh interrogation techniques only puts American solders at an increased risk. Hense my issue with McCain giving in when he had a chance to fight this administration’s madness.

“1-20-09, An end of a Error”, indeed

From the esquire interview ; Yoo, the author of the infamous 2002 “torture memo” that authorized the CIA to undertake harsh interrogations of al Qaeda figures, says that the second memo, made public this week, did not significantly expand the intent of the original document, despite widespread condemnation of it for seeming to do just that.

“The basic substance of the memo released yesterday and the one released in 2004 is the same,” Yoo said Wednesday. “The memo released yesterday does not apply to Iraq. It applied to interrogations of al Qaeda detained at Guantanamo Bay. I don’t [necessarily] agree that the methods did migrate to Iraq, because I don’t know for a fact that they did. The analysis of the memo released yesterday was not to apply to Iraq, and we made clear in other settings that the Geneva Conventions fully applied to the war in Iraq. There was no intention or desire that the memo released yesterday apply to Iraq.”

Also another good read is Yoo, Esquire, and Disgrace, amen.