At Thursday nights Butner Town Council meeting there was finally a moment of sanity for the residents who oppose the placement of the National Bio Agro Defense Facility in Butner. After months  of intense lobbying on behalf of the Granville Non Violent Action Team. The Butner Town Council withdrew their support for the proposed NBAF.

Linda Jordan, Mayor pro temp entered the motion to withdraw support for the NBAF and 2 other members seconded the motion. The vote passed 7-0. The placement of the NBAF has been a divisive issue for many within the community. Public acceptance for the proposed bio-lab was not sought by local representatives before the NCC NBAF Consortium placed the bid putting Butner in the running for the proposed federal project. 

 Mayor Lane read a prepared statement which embraced the opinion of the council.

“For the past few years the Butner Advisory Council has been working  with the citizens of Butner to incorporate the Town of Butner.  On  November 1, 2007 the town of Butner became incorporated.  With this  incorporation came a lot of challenges and responsibilities for the  
Town and the new Town Council.  About this same time, the NC  Consortium was in the process of recruiting what we now refer to as NBAF. 

 ”  We were told there would be many benefits to Butner and the  region for hosting such a facility.  For several months now this board and our entire county has struggled with the NBAF project.  There are those within our community who believe that the NBAF would  be an asset to Butner and the region. There are those who believe that is would be disastrous for Butner and the region.  We have listened for months to both sides.  This Board, like our community,  is divided (on how to address this issue). 

We are united, however,   in wanting to preserve the tremendous goodwill that exists in our  community among people of all walks of life.  We are all friends and  neighbors.  We all must continue to live together as friends and  neighbors (whether the NBAF comes or not).  This board can best serve  the community by seeking answers to the questions raised by our citizens.  We are not naive enough to think that our support or  opposition will make a great deal of difference in the ultimate  result.  We can, however, work to be a source of information to our  community about the project.  For this reason and the good of our community, I request that the council consider taking a neutral  position on the NBAF.”

GNAT has worked tirelessly over the years to protect the community from projects seeking to exploit Granville Counties natural resources.

Here is a list of organizations who have either withdrawn their support or gone on record to opposed the National Bio Agro Defense Facility. 

  • Granville Non-violent Action Team
  • Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League 
  • Clean Water for North Carolina
  • Upper Neuse River Association
  • Durham Democratic Party
  • NC’s Granville County Democrats for Butner
  • Tally Ho Community
  • Creedmoor Precincts
  • Durham’s People Alliance
  • NC Psychological Association
  • Neuse River Foundation
  • Town of Creedmoor
  • Town of Stem
  • Granville County Commissioners
  • City of Raleigh
  • Eno River Association
  • Old Oxford Community Association
  • Coalition for Persons Disabled by Mental Illness
  • National Association for the Mentally Ill
  • Murdoch Center Human Rights Committee
  • Brunswick Environmental Action Team

For more information please visit GNAT’s website.