If you have been following this story the editorial below, describes what Toni Locy is being subjected to perfectly.

Wretched judiciary

The First Amendment guarantee that government cannot abridge “freedom of speech or of the press” is one of America’s most sacred protections. Yet it means nothing if journalists are afraid to do their job because federal judges like Reggie B. Walton of Washington, D.C., insist on forcing reporters to name their confidential sources.

Toni Locy, 48, is a Washington County native and West Virginia University journalism professor. As a USA Today reporter in May of 2003, she relied on unnamed sources to report that the FBI considered former Army bio-weapons expert Steven Hatfill a “person of interest” in the mailing of anthrax spores that killed five people.

Mr. Hatfill, though still under investigation, never has been charged. Now he’s suing just about everyone in the Justice Department, charging his rights were violated when government officials disclosed his personal information.

Hatfill’s lawyers want Locy to name her sources. Judge Walton concurs and has found Ms. Locy in contempt of court and is threatening her with draconian daily fines — to be paid personally and not by USA Today — until she names names.

So, not only does Judge Walton have no respect for the First Amendment, he also believes it is leverageable by decreeing whence journalists can derive money to defend a right. It is judicial wretchedness incarnate.