I find it curious that the Federal Reserve has gone into the movie business. For you consideration.

Source: Rogue Government 

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta this past January released a video on crisis preparedness. The timing of such a video being released is suspicious considering the prospect of bank failures and an inflationary collapse of the U.S. monetary system loom large. The U.S. Dollar is at all-time lows and many top economists are predicting that we are entering a very deep recession if not a depression. Although the video focuses in on a potential disaster like a terrorist attack or a weather related event, a financial disaster easily fits into the scope of this video. The focus of the video is on how the Federal Reserve can immediately bring cash back into an area affected by a disaster. During a financial calamity, this will be a key concern because physical forms of money will reign supreme. Runs on the banks occurred frequently at the start of the Great Depression and they could happen here on a frequent basis if things get worse. The Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke even made the prediction that we could soon see bank failures, so this is a concern not just coming from various economists and pundits but also from the top of this criminal banking system.

Below is taken from the press release issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

Watch The Video Here

In the aftermath of a disaster, banks play a vital role, distributing cash to their customers and ensuring that their customers are able to meet the financial needs of their families and their businesses. Drawing on the experience of bankers who have weathered crisis situations, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta developed Crisis Preparedness: Reconnecting the Financial Lifeline, a DVD designed to assist bankers with their institutions’ emergency preparedness efforts. Each section of the DVD profiles a facet of crisis preparedness, from preparing and testing a plan to caring for employees to providing cash to customers to working with banks and first responders. The DVD features interviews with bankers and Atlanta Fed staff. The examples featured in the DVD emphasize the need for crisis preparedness and practical steps institutions can take to be prepared. The DVD includes supplemental in-depth interviews with these featured bankers.  

The DVD can be downloaded or ordered at the Atlanta Fed’s Web site, http://www.frbatlanta.org/bank_info/crisis_preparedness.cfm.

What’s interesting about the video is that it focuses in on how banks will need to be able to make cash readily available in case of a disaster. In the event of a disaster financial or otherwise that results in a run on the banks, banks will not have enough cash to back all the money that people will demand to have withdrawn. There are far more digital credits stored on computers than there are physical paper notes. This will be a huge problem and it appears as if they are trying to address this problem in the video under the guise of other types of disasters. Hurricane Katrina is referenced as a real life example that bankers were forced to deal with. They even talked about how they needed to dry out large quantities of Federal Reserve Notes in order to put them back into circulation.

Last year the U.S. Treasury Department conducted a disaster drill in preparation for a potential financial crisis. This video release appears to go hand and hand with the concerns that the U.S. Treasury has and this video shows that they want their employees to be aware of what steps they can taken in a potential crisis. Either way, it is clear that the U.S. economy is on the brink of a collapse with gold at all-time nominal highs and assorted commodities going through the roof in U.S. Dollar denominated terms. It is interesting that they would release this video at a time of great economic uncertainty. Why would the Federal Reserve release a video like this, if they didn’t have concerns about a potential economic disaster? It is highly doubtful that they would release this video for the fun of it. One thing is for sure, the economy is not looking good and you do not want to trust the Federal Reserve or any of their member banks with your money. Buy gold and silver. These precious metals will protect you from the inflation driven depression that might be coming down the pipe more so than any crisis preparedness video.