Pictured above; Jan Harris and Bill McKellar (GNAT’s Spokesperson) both are key members of the Granville Nonviolent Action Team (GNAT), who have fought for the residents of Granville County for two decades, defeating two previous boondoggles. In 1988 it was the superconducting super collider and in 1990 it was the hazardous waste incinerator (Thermal-Chem).


GNAT’s  present day fight is of course the Nation Bio Agro Defense Facility (NBAF) and their byline for the current boondoggle is Stop the NBAF.  Here are two articles about GNAT (Granville Non-Violent Action Team)  from the N&O.  These days those GNAT’s are everywhere. I am sure there are some in NC  that wish they were “No- See- Ums”.

The Roots of the Oppostion   

 Buzzing GNAT could be Granville lab’s Undoing By Tim Simmons, Photos by Ethan Hyman