The GOP and right wing media machine have reached new heights of douchebaggery (I’ve wanted to use that word for a while now) propaganda. With all of the Obama smears and slurs floating about I decided to come up with one for John McCain, so has anyone thought about this.
John McCain adopted a kid from Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a predominately Islamic country. So he has a Muslim in this family. Shouldn’t America be aware of this threat?

Of course I’m joking but that is a good example of something the wing-nuts within the GOP would say, isn’t it? They would say it loudly, often and have a breaking news segment on fox devoted to precisely that. Yes indeed folks, the days leading up to the 2008 elections will be submerged in new levels of political absurdities and we should all buy some taller boots. Cause it’s getting deep around here.

With that in mind consider this, was Dubya a Manchurian Candidate.

A Manchurian Candidate in the White House?

From CounterPunch by Dave Lindorff

 With a viral campaign underway via email, right-wing radio, and on the street suggesting that Barack Obama is a black “Manchurian Candidate,” secretly trained as a Muslim fanatic who will insinuate himself into the White House, thence to undermine all that we hold dear, perhaps it is time to look at the Manchurian Candidate we already have in the White House, who, together with his handler over in Blair House, has pretty much done all the damage already.

George Bush came to office in 2001 promising a new era of integrity, civility and “compassionate conservatism,” an era of humble American foreign policy, and a bi-partisan approach to government.

What did we actually get?
Once in office, this chameleon president almost immediately set out to embroil the country in a major war in the Middle East against the nation of Iraq. The game plan was laid out at the president’s first National Security Council meeting, attended by Vice President Dick Cheney (the man holding Bush’s controller), Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, and Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neal (who later spilled the beans about the session).

Forget all the nonsense about Barack Obama being a closet Muslim. We already have our Manchurian Candidate in the White House, and he has largely accomplished what he was programmed to do: destroy the country.

The truth is this: If at the end of their second term, Bush and Cheney were to hop on a plane and fly off to a hideout in the mountains on the Afghan-Pakistan border, leaving a “Nya-nya!” note on the White House dining room table, few people would really be very surprised.

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