After hearing Ed Hammond’s passionate speech at the public forum  GNAT provided to area residents. I decided to take a look at his Congressional Testimony. It is of interest to note that the NCC-NBAF Consortium has not addressed any of the concerns Mr. Hammond and the Sunshine Project raise.  However, there is much supportive evidence, more Here.

Take a careful look at the CDC’s own documentation, the facility uses several different FOIA, (Freedom of Information Act) exemptions to limit or prevent the public release of sensitive but “unclassified information”. The Bio-terrorism Prevention Act of 2002, specifically blocks all disclosure of various types of information which includes work currently preformed at Plum Island and will include research preformed at the National Bio-Agro Defense Facility .

Combined, these exemptions cover many areas such as procedureal law enforcement investigative activities, facility blue prints, operational security plans, bio-terrorism events or suspected events, worker misconduct or exposure investigations,  risk assessments and response planning relating to an emergency.

Take the time to read his testimony and I believe you will come to the same conclusion that I did. 
Click on the picture above to read his testimony.